Quick! Head over to Google!

Friends, there I was just minutes ago, heading over to Google for yet another Web search, when I beheld a sight that, frankly, made my day. Check it out TODAY (it won’t be there tommorow)!

…Did you look yet? I almost hesitate to discuss the image adorning the Google home page before you actually see it. So I’ll stop for now and ask you what your reactions are.

I for one am as pleased as punch, but I wonder if the graphic in question could possibly be accessible to the population in whom it would probably generate the most pride. Any geeks out there have a clue?

Bon anniversaire, Louis!

5 thoughts on “Quick! Head over to Google!

  1. When an aural reader encounters the graphic, or for text-based browers, they should hear/read, “A picture of the Braille letters spelling out “Google.” Happy Birthday Louis Braille!”

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