By Way of Introduction

Okay, I’ll admit it: It was a gimmick. There we were on our first date, me and the gentle man who would soon be my husband. For hours, our conversation had flowed so effortlessly. Then suddenly it hit a snag; the seconds of silence seemed interminable. So I shattered it with my tried-and-true question:

“So, tell me: What are the three most important things I should know about you?”

Ten minutes later, Michael turned the tables on me. “And what are the three most important things I should know about you?”

“Well…” I replied, stalling for time, “I love music, I love words…”

“And?” prompted Michael.

“And… I love children.” (Actually, I was thinking, “I’d love to have your children,” but I certainly wasn’t going to tell him that.)

That conversation took place in 1982. And if Michael were to ask me the same question today, the answer would still be, “I love music, I love words and I love children, especially ours” (but not in that order).

But if his question hadn’t restricted me to three responses back in 1982, I would also have included the following passions: Judaism, womanhood and living life with a disability. If anything, those passions are even stronger today.

Which brings us to this private corner of my website (, a place where I can muse – occasionally with uncommon clarity – about music, words (particularly lyrics and etymology), children, Judaism, womanhood, parenting and living life with a disability.

I invite you to listen in. Stop by anytime, and click here if you would like to receive my eclectic musings by e-mail.

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